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Angry Asylum Red Asylum

The old Red Asylum that sits on top of the hill has been plaguing your dreams and your thoughts.  Why can you not stop thinking about this haunting building.  What power does it hold over you?  You decide to follow your curiosity and find out. Now that you are inside, you find yourself trapped and unable to get out.  Now you must use your mouse to figure a way out in this escape room game.  Can you leave the Red Asylum?

Escape Ill Manor Escape Ill Manor

Ill Manor is an old, abandoned building that many believe to be haunted.  Rumor has it that years ago a bunch of curious people went in there, never to be heard from again.  One night you decide to investigate and find out you are trapped in the manor.  Now you must find a way out in this horror room escape game.

Nosferatu Beckoning Nosferatu Beckoning

Nosferatu Beckoning is a fun, text based RPG game.  Draw cards from the tarot deck to determine your outcome.  If you need help at anytime, just clock the help link for more instructions.

Vampire Hotel Vampire Hotel

You are a Vampire staying at the hotel.  Make your way through the rooms and get all the girls and return to the safety of your coffin.  However, you will be persued by agents that are trying to put an end to your violence.  To play use the arrow keys to move, Z jumps and X will shoot.

Sexy Vampire Slider Puzzle Sexy Vampire Slider Puzzle

In this puzzle game you must slide the pieces of the puzzle into the empty spaces to complete the picture of the sexy vampire.  Can you solve the mystery?

Vampire Diaries Race Against The Dawn Vampire Diaries Race...

In this hidden object game based on the TV show Vampire Diaries you must use your memory to find the hidden rings before the sun comes up and you turn to dust.  Watch out, you don't have as much time as you think.  Use your mouse to locate all of the hidden items.

Dust V1 Dust 2

Dust 2 is an intense vampire hunting game that lets you customizr your charecter and weapons.  Now turn those vampires into dust!

Dracula Vs Zombies Dracula vs Zombies

A horde of zombie invaders have taken over Count Dracula's castle.  Use your powers to rid the castle of the zombie attack!

Cute Vampire Kisses Cute Vampire Kisses

A simple and fun Vampire kissing game.

Against The Dead Against the Dead

In Against the Dead, you play as Dectective Wilson.  You must battle the undead and evil in this fun, action shooter game.

The Robert Pattinson Quiz The Robert Pattinson Quiz

How well do you know Robert Pattinson?  Take this quiz to find out 10 facts you may ot may not know about this hot Twiglight actor.  Do you know him as well as you thought or as well as your friends?  Find out!

Animondos Horror Gallery Animondos' Horror Gallery

Play this fun shooting gallery game and shoot the monsters and vampires.  

Haunted Mirror Maze haunted mirror maze

Can you solve the puzzle in this game?  It's filled with friendly vampires, zombies and ghosts that have quirky animations and comments that will keep you entertained.

Castle Jigsaw Puzzle Castle Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you solve this 48 piece jigsaw puzzle of a Transylvanian castle?  Use your mouse to drag the pieces where they belong.

Vampire Couple Dress Up Game Vampire couple dress up game

This cute Vampire couple need your help to dress them up before their big date.  Will they find true love?  Hopefully they can when you make them look their best.

Sinful Hunter sinful hunter

Kill all the sinners.  You must battle Vampires, Zombies and other monsters in this fun horror game.  To play, use the WASD keys to move amd your mouse to aim.

Vampire Car Iii Vampire car III

In this jigsaw puzzle you must put together all the peaces to reveal the Vampire car.  Can you solve the puzzle?

Vampire Joke Shooter Vampire Joke Shooter

In this game you musy shoot the bubbles to reveal vampire jokes.  It's simple, but fun, entertaining and even funny.

Castle Dracula Romania Jigsaw Castle Dracula Romania Jigsaw
Recreate a picture of Castle Dracula Romania using jigsaw pieces in our Castle Dracula Romania jigsaw game.Win points for every correct piece and lose points for any pieces you try and place in the wrong place. Every minute of play reduces your score, as does clicking the show picture button. Your final total can be added to a high score table if you wish. Or just totally ignore the points and make the jigsaw in your own time. Use the pass button at no cost in points to move through the available pieces one by one. Left click and drag each piece, if you think you know where it fits, and drop it into place. A tip is to find the corners first and then the edge pieces.
Halloween Vampire Halloween Vampire

Vanessa is getting ready for her Halloween photoshoot and needs to find the perfect outfit.  Find her the prefect outfit so she can look her scary best during this spooky season.


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  • Top 10 B-Horror Films


    Top 10 Cheesy Horror Films


    Sometimes it's great to snuggle up with your girlfriend, turn off the lights and watch an epic horror film that scares you to death resulting in vivid nightmares and sleepless nights.  However, other times it's great to instead watch a b-horror film and laugh yourself silly while being grossed out by an excessive amount of gore.  HorrorGameRoom.com brings you our top 10 list of the greatest b-horror movies ever filmed and ranked in order of worst IMDB rating to best, cause after all bad is good right?  Prepare for more cheese then a plate of nachos!


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  • Zombie Game Dead Zed

    Zombie Flash Game Dead ZedPlay Dead Zed, a zombie survivalist horror game by NotDoppler is a first person, POV zombie shooter game.  It takes place after a zombie apocalypse and you play as a lone gunmen on your farm armed with a rifle and a barricade to protect yourself.  Although you start alone, after each level you might gain either new weapons or come across some survivors that will join you in the fight against the undead.  The point of the game is to survive all 40 levels which are broken up into days.  Of course with each level more zombies will appear and will become faster in the way they move from the fields towards your farm.


    As far as casual flash games are concerned Dead Zed is pretty great.  The graphics are not too shabby and the guns recoil nicely depending on the type of gun you are using.  As well it has a cool feature in which after finding survivors, you can assign them tasks to help you out.  Whether you want them out searching for more survivors or guns or to aide you in shooting those evil zombies.  It's also cool that you can save your game and come back anytime to play it from where you left off.  This is especially great if you are playing somewhere like work or school and only have a few minutes at a time to play, but don't want to restart from the beginning.


    So what are you waiting for?  Go out there and kill some zombies now!  Can you survive?

  • Red Asylum

    RedAsylumRed Asylum is a creepy escape room game in which you find yourself with a haunted insane asylum unable to get out.  Like most escape room games, you must explore your surroundings looking for clue's and items to help you escape.  

    At first it seems it seems easy enough.  Your icon will turn into a hand and allow you to click to interact with items and the red lines on the sides or top and bottom of the screen show you the directions you are able to move while confined in the room, but it does get a lot more difficult from there on out.

    It does get pretty difficult, but luckily there is a help link in the game that can help you complete with walkthroughs.  

    The music loop is an extremely creepy piano piece that sets the spooky mood perfectly.  Reminds me of an old Nintendo NES soundtrack.

    Red Asylum also has a timer that keeps track of how long it takes you to escape, so try and do so as quickly as possible so you can beat your friends times.

    It's a fairly decent escape room game with some pretty good graphics.  Perfect for playing in the dark by yourself.  Give it a try.

    Play this online horror game........If you dare!

  • Dracula Vs. Zombies

    Vampire Vs. Zombies GameDracula Vs. Zombies is a fun, casual, side scrolling action game reminiscent of some the games on the old Nintendo NES system.

    You play as a Vampire who heads out in the night only to find countless zombies coming after you.  Luckily you can shoot at them with 2 different weapons that have different strengths.  Most of the zombies are pretty weak and only need one shot to kill them, but some are a little harder and need to be hit with multiple projectiles or using your mega gun (X button).  Watch out though because the zombies can fight back with some kind of green puke they throw at you which will decrease your life blood.  Also avoid hitting them for the same reasons.

    It's a simple, straight forward, horror flash game that you can simply pick up without much instruction and play during your down time at work or if you just want to play a quick mini game.  The levels are pretty short as well.  If you are a fan of older games like Double Dragon or NARC this might be the game for you.


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