Vampire Games
Against The Dead Against the Dead

In Against the Dead, you play as Dectective Wilson.  You must battle the undead and evil in this fun, action shooter game.

Animondos Horror Gallery Animondos' Horror Gallery

Play this fun shooting gallery game and shoot the monsters and vampires.  

Bat In Nightmare Bat In Nightmare

Use your mouse to help the bat fly.  You must escape from hell and avoid the ghosts.  Can you break free?

Bats Vampire Shooter Bats Vampire Shooter

A simple shooter game.  Shoot all the vampire bats you can!

Bloody Chase Bloody Chase

To play Bloody Chase, use the X key to jump, but if you fall of the platform you must press C to fly.  In order to fly you must collect the blood.  How far can you run?

Candys Revenge Candys Revenge

Collect as much Halloween candy as you can, but watch out for the evil minions. 

Cvv32MICRO Castlevania - The Blood Way

This flash game is based on the ever popular Castlevania video game series.  Help Simon defeat the Vampires.

Chinese Vampire Year 1743 Chinese Vampire Year 1743

You are a Taoist priest that must kill and eliminate the chinese vampires.  Use your wooden sword, talisman and find treasures.  To play use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move.  Can you master the 16 levels of game play?

Dirt Of The Dead Dirt of the Dead

In Dirt of The Dead, you must face off against the dark forces that have taken over your hometown.  Eliminate all of the Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves and be sure to clean the dirt they leave behind.  Draw thread from your base, capture one or more monsters and clean the dirt to finish the loop.  If you need more instructions, be sure to watch the video on how to play.

Dracula Vs Zombies Dracula vs Zombies

A horde of zombie invaders have taken over Count Dracula's castle.  Use your powers to rid the castle of the zombie attack!

Dracula Vs Zombies 2 Dracula vs Zombies 2

The sequel to Dracula vs. Zombies, you play as Dracula fighting off an evil horde of evil Zombies.  To play hold the Z key or left mouse button to charge up your attacks.

34 Draculaspreythumb 100x100 Dracula's Prey

Watch out for the Vampires trying to bite you.  They want your blood.  Will you survive?  How high of a score can you achieve?

Dust V1 Dust 2

Dust 2 is an intense vampire hunting game that lets you customizr your charecter and weapons.  Now turn those vampires into dust!

Escape Draculas Castle Escape Dracula's Castle

Using your mouse, you must escape the vampires castle before he gets you.  Can you escape in time?  Good luck.

Fly Or Die V5 FLY OR DIE

The name of the game says it all.  Fly or die.  You must use your Vampire to escape from the cabes.  Use Z to fly and make your daring escape before it's too late.

Forestwarriorv32Th Forest Warrior

You must protect the forest and Dracula himself is trying his best to destroy it.  Kill all the enemies you can while trying to make your way out of the forest. 

Halloween Hatchlings Halloween Hatchlings

Count Dracula has been working in his evil lab creating a whole new breed of monster to unleash into the world.  He must be stopped.  His plan is to release them on Halloween.  You play as Snuffit the Vampire Slayer whose only mission is to put an end to this.  Destroy the hatchlings before Dracula breeds enough to unleash them onto humanity.  Use your mouse to click on groups of 2 or more of the hatchlings in order to destroy them.  More will spawn whenever the blood tube empties.  Don't let them reach the top or you will fail in your mission in this horror game.

Halloween Pop 720p Halloween Pop 720p

Halooween Pop is a HD Haloween game.  To play you must bounce the candy corn and other items off the ghosts while you try and juggle 4 bats.  Use the spacebar to pause the game, your mouse to select how diffucult you wish the game ot be and the arrow keys to control the bats.  What score will you get in this fun flash game?

Halloween Twilight Halloween Twilight

In Halloween Twilight you must help the Vampire bite the poor defenseless little blonde girls.  Happy eating.

Magicraft Rhapsody Magicraft rhapsody

In this classic style side scrolling game you play as 1 of 2 mages send to destroy the Vampire at his flying castle.  Can you slay the Vampire?

MotdV32Th Mouse of the Dead
High in the Transylvanian mountains the dread Moggiarty is gathering his evil undead army. If left unchecked the fearsome feline will become unstoppable. Enter our diminutive rodent hero Van Mausing, the last hope of thwarting the cat's terrible plans. Take control of Van Mausing and battle the undead hordes with a devastating arsenal of weaponry. Jump between levels using teleportation machines and find bonus transporters to reveal secret levels. Battle your way through 19 levels and blast away at enemies like horrible hamsters, cockney spiders, and, of course, vampire bats! Defeat the vile Moggiarty and his army of zombies when you play today!
Night Sky King Night sky King

To play Night Sky King, use the arrow keys, spacebar shoots and any key will start the game.  All the evil comes out in the night.  Stop them.

Nosferatu Beckoning Nosferatu Beckoning

Nosferatu Beckoning is a fun, text based RPG game.  Draw cards from the tarot deck to determine your outcome.  If you need help at anytime, just clock the help link for more instructions.

Oh No Cowboy Vampires Oh No, Cowboy Vampires

Oh No Cowboy Vampires is a fun and strange twist on the basic tower defense game.  To play use your mouse to select the towers you wish to build and where you want to put them.  Building a maze will be your best bet to defend against the countless robots, dinosaurs and cowboy Vampires.  Good luck.

PacadventuredraculascastleTh Pac Adventure Draculas Castle

Dracula has kidnapped Pac's girlfriend and it's up to you to save her.  Enter Dracula's castle, find the girl and save the day!

Sinful Hunter sinful hunter

Kill all the sinners.  You must battle Vampires, Zombies and other monsters in this fun horror game.  To play, use the WASD keys to move amd your mouse to aim.

Smack A Lot Vampire Smack-A-Lot : Vampire

Smack the Vampire before it smacks you.  Sounds easy right?  Well it's not!  Use the A and D keys to smack the Vamp with your left and right hands.  If the vampire tries to smack you, use the S key to defend against his attack.

The Haunted House The Haunted House

You are a monster hunter that has been sent to a haunted house in order to banish all the demons, zombies, vampires and skeletons that dwell there.  Kill them all.  Which each monster you kill you can buy upgrades by pressing P to get to the upgrade menu.  To play use the left and right arrows to move.  Aim with the up arrow. the down arrow reloads.  X will jump, Use Z to pickup or throw items and C to shoot.

Transm Transylmania

Transylmania is a fun vampire game for you to play.

Urban V Legend Chapter 2 Urban V Legend: Chapter 2

After failing to nab the Vampire and battling your way through the mansion, the hunt begins again.  You must fight through the dark woods and find that Vampire, so you can finish the job.  Urban V Legend 2 is an arcade action game FPS.  To shoot use the right mouse button and reload with your spacebar.  Now kill that Vampire!

Urban V Legend Ultimate Extended Urban Vampire: Chapter 1...

Fight your way through the vampires henchmen to defeat the head Vampire.  You are armed with death balls and throwing bats.  Shoot using the left mouse click and reload with the spacebar.  Remember, you need at least 2 bullets or less to reload in this action horror game.

Vampire Fever Vampire Fever

In Vampire Fever you play as Viro, a ninja fighting evil creatures and the undead.  Instead of using weapons, you spread a virus that kills only the evil demons you face.  Vampire Fever is a billiard psychics game, like the game of pool.  Think of Viro as the white ball.  In order to infect the undead, you must touch them.  As well any creature that has the virus can infect other demons.  However, watch out cause if two sick creatures touch, they will become healed.  Each creature has different attributes and will affect the game differently.  Use your mouse to aim and shoot.  The R button will restart your game the right mouse click will turn the music on or off.  See in the game if you need better instructions.

Vampire Hotel Vampire Hotel

You are a Vampire staying at the hotel.  Make your way through the rooms and get all the girls and return to the safety of your coffin.  However, you will be persued by agents that are trying to put an end to your violence.  To play use the arrow keys to move, Z jumps and X will shoot.

Vampire Kitten Vampire Kitten

In Vampire Kitten use the mouse, click and hold to choose your kittly position and release to choose tthe power of your kick.  

Vampire Slayer Vampire Slayer

Slay the Vampires.  In this game you must try and shoot your stakes through the heart of the minions as well as the Vampire King himself!


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