Other Zombie Games
Bezombied BeZombied

Just like the popular game Bejeweled, but with a zombie horror theme.  Click on the zombies to swap them and get lines of 3 or more to make them disappear.

Ghost Vs Zombies Ghost vs Zombies
Zombies have infiltrated your crypt. Kill all the zombies, then make your way to the exit!
Use arrow keys to move the ghost. Destroy all of the enemies and potions to unlock the exit. R - Restart level, P - Pause, M - Toggle Sound.
Halloween 2011 Zombie Wedding Halloween 2011 Zombie Wedding
Have you ever tried Dresses Halloween 2011 Zombie Wedding? You would be really gentle, comfortable and stylish in this Dresses for this season.Try out these dresses in this collection then you believe in my words.
Hidden Zombie Hidden Zombie

In this simple hidden object style flash game you must find the zombie.

Impale Impale
Get fun in killing zombies by sharp spikes, saws and other traps
Luncheon Of The Dead Luncheon Of The Dead

You must defend yourself while trapped in a mall against zombies in this survival strategy game.  Find supplies and weapons in the stores, build walls to defend yourself against the zombies and shoot as many as you can before you become zombie food.  If things get bad, just drop a molotov cocktail on them and burn up those zombies.

Miami Zombie Typing Miami Zombie Typing
A fun typing game . Improve your typing skills. type the words on the zombie as fast as you can before the miami zombie attack you. Higher levels get progressively more challenging. Have Fun!
type words appear on the screen
Project Midnight Project Midnight

Its a zombie apocalypse and you are a survivor leading others to safety.  The problem is you are in the middle of a zombie attack.  Build your defenses, towers and keep yourself safe against the horde in this tower defense style flash game.

Quiz Of The Living Dead Zombie Analizer Quiz of the Living Dead:...

How much do you know about zombies and the undead?  Put your skills to the test in this quiz game all about zombies.  To play use your mouse.

Qotld Zombie Movies Quiz of the Living Dead:...

Are you a huge Zombie movie fan?  Find out how much you truly know about zombies in this zombie quiz.

Use your mouse to select and type using your keyboard.


How well can you do?

The Saddest Zombie The Saddest Zombie
Ghoultide Meets Yuletide They said it couldn't be done, combining zombies and christmas, but novelist Douglas Clegg and artist Glenn Chadbourne have done just that. Follow Tommy Tommy Tomby and his ghoulish brethren as they discover the meaning of Christmas for the undead through a difference spotting adventure packed with 28 levels. Play full screen for extra goodness!
Click on the differences with your mouse. Use the things if you get stuck. Play again to spot new differences.
Zombie Attack V457621 Zombie Attack
Checkout the pretty girl attacked by zombie here. Dress up with horror costumes and accessories. Having fun to play this game
Zombie Ball V666310 Zombie Ball
pop and kill zombies
arrow keys
Zombie Bassball Zombie Baseball Madness
You are trapped in an old baseball camp. All the people turned into zombies, the people in the hospital are still normal, only they can help you. Hit the baseball and shoot it to the hospital. Hit it hard so it will fly out of the stadium. Upgrade your bat so you can hit the ball harder. You are looking to the topview of the bat in the game.
Press the left mouse button and swipe as fast as you can.
Zombie Boom Zombie Boom
Blast the zombies and save the innocent bystanders in Zombie Boom. Can you complete all 25 levels of zombie carnage in this physics based puzzle game?
Drop bombs with the mouse and they will explode on contact with a zombie or the ground. You can also place bombs on the ground.
Zombie Cake Zombie Cake
Caking games can be much fun especially when you try all kind of different games, and in this cooking games we are going to make a new sort of dessert, we are going to cook and decorate a Zombie cake. Be creative, choose some horror decorations, anything that can make this cake scary and delicious at the same time. Have fun!
This game is played with mouse only.
Zombie Catapult Zombie Catapult
Aim the catapult to launch the zombie into the coffin. The smart obstacles will make your task harder. Select the shot size which would give you the best trajectory for the zombie's flight. Use the catapult wisely. Fill the sky with flying zombies!
Press and hold the left mouse button on the blue square. Let go when the shot's size gets as big as you want it. If you need more zombies for a new try, press the button to the left of the blue field.
Zombie Creator Zombie Creator

Have you ever wanted to create your very own zombie?  Well nows your chance.  Customize your zombie, name it, make it scary and then hear it's story.

Zombie Fishing Zombie fishing
Catch a zombie with fishing pole. They like human brains. But we got only arms and legs. The winner is man who catch Fattest zombie. Bon apetito
Zombie Gang Zombie Gang
Zombie Gang. Play more games at http://www.freegameview.com
Help the monster to find their game by matching 3 of them. Use mouse to click.
Zombie Girl Dress Up Zombie Girl Dress Up
This girl might be a zombie but she still wants to look good. Help her pick out a fabulous and scary outfit.rn Mix and match all the different items that she has available until you find a combination that looks good.
Zombie Go Home 2 Zombie Go Home 2
Help to Zombie to come to his grave. Your goal is to guide the hero to the exit without leaving the screen. Collect as many brains as possible to gain the best score. When you move your hero he will keep moving until hits ab obstacle. Also, you need to avoid the pits. On later level you will meet the ghosts. They have their own path, so try to analyze the field, before start moving. You will find also teleports - they will help you a lot! Good luck!
W,A,S,D keys or arrows.
Zombie Hurdles Zombie Hurdles
Zombie Hurdles combines the fun of a track and field game with the horror and panic of a zombie game. Go for the gold and try to not get your brains eaten
Space Bar does everything
Zombie Jigsaw Zombie Jigsaw
This is one scary zombie! This is a cool cartoon jigsaw puzzle, can you solve it? It has 3 difficulties, easy, medium and hard.. can you beat the hard?
Use the mouse to drag the pieces.
Zombie Jump Zombie Jump
Help zombies to get as high as possible. Collect brains. Dodge axes and saws.
Zombie Kitten Attack Zombie Kitten Attack

In this puzzle game you must dodge the evil exploding zombie kittens.  In the end, they always win, the question is how long you can survive.

Zombie Physics Zombie Physics
Kill all the zombies on 20 levels of this physics puzzle game. Push the blocks and blow up the bombs to kill them all.
In this physics game you have to blow up bombs or push heavy blocks to kill zombies. You can also set the timer for every move. Make all ugly zombies fall apart to save peaceful residents. The games contains all the instructions.
Zombie Princess Zombie Princess
Zombie Princess, fashion princess by www.sweetygame.com More fashion princess and celeb dress up games at www.sweetygame.com
Zombie Princess, fashion princess by www.sweetygame.com More fashion princess and celeb dress up games at www.sweetygame.com
Zombie Slider Zombie Slider
A fun zombie slider game in three sizes
Zombie Smasher V837855 Zombie Smasher
Cars vs Zombies! The time of revenge has come. All the zombies will be Eliminated!
Cars vs Zombies! The time of revenge has come. All the zombies will be Eliminated!
Zombie Sports Tennis Zombie Sports : Tennis
Even Zombies like to keep fit by playing some Tennis! Smash the eyeballs around and collect the brains!
Aim with the mouse. Click to serve. Collect all the brains!
Zombie Vs Pinball Zombie VS Pinball
Come smack the Zombie in this Zombie themed pinball game! Get all 'ZOMBIE' to activate the green guy. Hyperball and various bells and whistles. Let the pinball begin!
( LEFT / Z / Q / A ) for left paddle, ( RIGHT / '/' / O / L ) for right paddle.DOWN to pull plunger. ENTER to start!
Zombie Wake Up At Halloween Zombie Wake up at Halloween
Have you ever tried Dresses Zombie Wake up at Halloween? You would be really gentle, comfortable and stylish in this Dresses for this season.Try out these dresses in this collection then you believe in my words.
Zombie  Spot The Difference Zombie. Spot the Difference
Find five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next level.
Zombies Jigsaw Puzzle Zombies Jigsaw Puzzle

A simple 25 piece jigsaw puzzle with a graveyard filled with zombies.  Complete the puzzle as fast as you can.

Zombowling V756172 Zombowling
Stop the zombies before they get out of the graveyard by shooting bowling balls of the same color!
Click or press the key for the ball of the same color of the incoming zombie to kill him. Click on the purple zombies that rise from the graves to gain extra points for the highscore!

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