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Corpse Craft Corpse Craft

Professor Weardd's School for the Reasonable Reanimation has burned down.  Students are taking arms against their fellow classmates.  You must assemble your undead army of zombies and during the day and send them into battle at night.  Click groups of three or more puzzle pieces to grow your resources.  When the night finally comes, send out your zombies.  You must destroy the opponents workshop before they destroy yours.  There are five different zombie unit types powered by the four macabre resources - Blood, Flesh, Scrap, and Energy.

Creepydoll creepydoll

This creepy and scary doll dwells in a dark cellar basement.  You must talk to it to increase your score and gain insane gifts.  Pull the string to make her talk.  The more you click, the more she speaks.  Remember that spiders are tasty!

Haunted Mansion Dynamic Hidden Objects Haunted Mansion (Dynamic...

In this game you must find all of the spooky hidden objects.  There are 4 levels and 6 achievements that can be unlocked.

Horror Jigsaw Horror Jigsaw

To play this horror puzzle game, use your mouse to drag and drop the puzzle pieces.  There are 3 spooky puzzles to solve and time counts.  Can you solve them all?

Scary Memory Card Scary Memory Card

Remember the children's game memory?  This is the same but scarier!  Match 2 of the same cards using your memory.

Scary Mummy Slider Puzzle Scary Mummy Slider Puzzle

A simple sliding puzzle game.  Use your mouse to slide the puzzle pieces into the empty space until you reveal the picture of the scary Egyptian Mummy.  You can change your difficulty level at the top.  Can you solve the puzzle?


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