Halloween Games
A Simple Day A Simple Day

In this retro style Halloween game you must try and save the village and the world.  Destroy your enemies by clicking on them with your mouse before they destroy your Halloween party.  Make sure the people don't get hit.

The secret to this flash game is to click as fast as you can.

Aaaargh 1 Aaaargh! 1
Halloween Hammer Horror, scream with fear and laughter. Lightning, lightning,very very frightening, if it's trick or treats you're after.
Multiple choice divergent storyline.
Accurate Kick Halloween Accurate Kick: Halloween

To play Accurate Kick Halloween, use the mouse click in order to kick the pumpkin as far as possible.  This game runs on the Box2D physics engine.  Enjoy.

Banshee The Ghost V103740 Banshee The Ghost

Banshee the Ghost is a vertical shooting game where you must save the day against other ghastly fiends.  Shoot them and avoid their projectiles.  Collect as much candy corn as you can in order to level up.  Can you survive?

Fledermausklatschen Bat Slap
Bat Slap, can u beat the invasion of bats?
Left Click - Kill the bats.
Boo Buster Boo Buster
Zapp All The Ghost Before They Slime You!
Children In The Corn Maze Children in the Corn Maze
Make your way through the corn maze to get away from the evil spiders that are over running Halloween night. Use your blaster to plaster the spiders into submission. Collect the candy for bonus points and power ups!
Crypt Escape Creepy Crypt Escape
You went exploring and ended up falling into a creepy crypt, now you need to look around and figure out how to escape! Collect items and solve puzzles to escape the creepy crypt! Good luck and have fun!
Dantes Inferno V496000 Dantes Inferno
Help Dante go through the 9 rings of hell. You are in Limbo, a place of sorrow without torment. All of the different rings of hell are represented here. How deep can you go?
Use the mouse to kill the demons.
Day Of The Dead Shooting Game V1 Day of the dead (shooting...
Its the day of the dead (Dia de muertos), get three sugar skull in a row and make them disappear
move the bone with the arrows and shoot with the upper arrow, make the sugar skulls disappear
Deathwizard1 DeathWizard1

In this gore fest of a game you fight hordes of the undead and demons in the Death Wizard's mysterious castle.  Find spells to use to defeat the demons.  To play Death Wizard, use the arrow keys  or A, S, D, W, keys to move, duck and jump.  Keys 1 through 4 to select from your spells and the left mouse button to use the selected spell.  Q or the Control key use's the spells secondary attack.  If you need instructions at any time during the game, simply press the Esc key.  Enjoy!

Diamond Room Escape Halloween Diamond Room Escape Halloween

Diamond Room is an easy point and click escape game.  You must find the four hidden diamonds and the key to make your escape.  Play by using the mouse to move, collect and drag your items.

Eeville EEville

Play EEville, a halloween game where you are all alone against an army of the undead.  Can you survive?  To play use the mouse to point and shoot by clicking.

Escape Brownstone Escape Brownstone

Your friend asked you to join him at the legendary old brownstone building that is rumored to be haunted.  You both want to find out if it really is and while waiting to meet him you lose your patience and decide to take a peak inside.  Thats when you realize it is in fact haunted, because for some reason you can't leave the building.  Now you must escape.  Find your way out of the house.  Use your mouse to interact with objects and find a way to gain your freedom in this escape room game.

Ghost Catcher Ghost Catcher
Rumor is that there have been ghosts haunting the area you live in, Take your ghost capturing device and make the neighborhood quiet again, Be careful not to get hit by any oncoming ghosts or you will be possessed and lose a life, Collect the ancient dark gems for a bonus! Good luck! Build your own game like this on Pulado.com! Build Your Own Games
Press CTRL or Z to fire primary weapon. Press X to fire secondary weapon. Press Space to Jump or switch Turrets. Use the right, left, up, and down keys to move around.
Ghost Hunt V928215 Ghost Hunt
Once every year a portal is open between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead, during this time the souls of the dead roam the world of the living. But the souls are invisible to the naked eye. You are a sorcerer who has a special spell that lets you see the souls for a limited amount of time. The more souls you catch the more powerful you become. Collect bonuses to increase the spells duration.
Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Press 'M" key to mute
Ghostly Hills Ghostly Hills

In this simple shooter style game, you must shoot as many of the deadly ghouls as you can before time runs out.

To play, aim with your mouse and fire using the left mouse button.

Ghosts And Escape Halloween Ghosts and Escape Halloween
You were trapped in halloween room, where 4 ghosts is hidding, capture all ghosts in order to get key from the door and escape!
Use mouse to navigate, interact with riddles and objects.
Ghosts Hunt Ghosts Hunt
To free the witch, you have to hunt all the ghosts.
When you click on a ghost, he leaves. You earn 10 time units. If you miss a ghost, you loose 100 time units. Game is ended when time equal 0
Ghostsnail GhostSnail
In our spooky action game you have to survive with GhostSnail, the spirits snail, ten challenging levels. The aim of the game is to find the secret treasure...
Use the arrow keys to move GhostSnail left and right and the spacebar to jump. Land on top of pompkins and other creatures to destroy them. Get treasures to make score. Find the key to the door and advance to the next level...
Gold Room Escape 6 Halloween Gold Room escape 6 Halloween
Collect hidden objects to solve Halloween riddles and get all hidden gold, diamonds and ruby's, then escape from gold room Halloween!
use mouse to navigate, collect hidden objects and interact with riddles.
Gold Room Escape Halloween Gold Room Escape Halloween

To play the game Gold Room Escape Halloween, you must use the mouse to move around to collect objects and interact with the riddles.  You must find the 7 green slimes and the key in order to escape the gold room that a ghost has locked you inside.  Will you escape alive?

Graveyard Maniacs Graveyard Maniacs
It's Halloween and monsters are hanging around stealing candies. It's now time to push some pumpkins and get rid of them!
Arrows to move, space to push.
In the halloween night the bat is trapped in the cave. The exit is near it.... Press Z to fly. Good Luck!
In the halloween night the bat is trapped in the cave. The exit is near it.... Press Z to fly. Good Luck!
Halloween V5 Halloween

To play Halloween, you must move the face to the left or right using the mouse pointer.  The right click button shoots and you must shoot the face of the skeleton to move on to the next level.  Your score will improve every time you complete a skeleton.  Enjoy.

Halloween Arkanoid Halloween Arkanoid
Halloween Arkanoid is new arkanoid clone game with Halloween theme. Destroy all bricks in 20 challenging levels.
Use mouse to move your broom.
Halloween Beatdown halloween beatdown

Can you help our heroine fight the monsters and take on the devil himself in this fun, flash game?  Enjoy Halloween Beatdown.

Halloween Blaster Halloween Blaster
Defend your home from zombies and blast them! Choose from 4 different weapons to kill your enemies, but don't let them get too close...
Use your mouse to aim/fire, and reload if the gun is empty. The space bar uses your knife if you've already bought it, but it only works with the pistol. Number keys 1-3 choose your weapon (pistol, shotgun, machine-gun)
Halloween Broom V4 Halloween Broom

Play Halloween Broom.  Use the mouse to swing the broom and have fun.

Halloween Bubbles V1 Halloween Bubbles
Make bubble matches of three or more of the same color. Remove all bubbles to clear the levels and save the Planet Earth from all monsters
Move with the mouse and shoot the pumpkin with the left mouse button.
Halloween Champion 2 Halloween Champion 2

The sequel to the popular game Halloween Champion.  Your mission is to keep the pumpkin up by making as many hits as you can.  Earn extra points for eating candles, but watch out for the evil Mummy.  To play use the  mouse button to keep the pumpkin up and don't let it hit the ground!

Halloween Escape V1 HALLOWEEN ESCAPE

To play Halloween Escape, you must help the pumpkin escape from the caves.  Use Z to flay and have fun with this halloween flash game.

Halloween Escape 1 Halloween Escape 1
Is halloween and you are trapped in this strange house. Find the way to open all doors and escape from this place.
Click objects to interact with them. The cursor changes to a hand when you move the mouse over any clickeable object. To move between scenes just click on the edges of the screen.
Halloween Escape 2 Halloween Escape 2
Is halloween and you are trapped in this strange house. Find the way to open all doors and escape from this place.
Click objects to interact with them. The cursor changes to a hand when you move the mouse over any clickeable object. To move between scenes just click on the edges of the screen.
Halloween Escape 3 Halloween Escape 3
Is halloween and you are trapped in this strange house. Find the way to open all doors and escape from this place.
Click objects to interact with them. The cursor changes to a hand when you move the mouse over any clickeable object. To move between scenes just click on the edges of the screen.
Halloween Escape 4 Halloween Escape 4
Is halloween and you are trapped in this strange house. Find the way to open all doors and escape from this place.
Click objects to interact with them. The cursor changes to a hand when you move the mouse over any clickeable object. To move between scenes just click on the edges of the screen.
Halloween Escape 5 Halloween Escape 5

Halloween is upon us and you have found yourself trapped in a strange, unknown house.  You must find a way to open the doors in order for you to escape this strange place.  Click on objects in order to interact with them.  The cursor will change into a hand when you hover your mouse over a clickable object to explore.  In order to move between scenes, click the edge of the screen.  Will you escape in time?

Halloween Filler Halloween Filler
Halloween Filler is a new game by Flash Games. In this game it is your task to fill at least 60% of the playground with pumpkin balls.To create a pumpkin ball clickand hold the left mouse button. Keep an eye on the red balls.If they collide with the pumpkin ones while you are creating them, you loose a life.
Click the left mouse button to pump up a pumpkin ball.
Halloween Gems Halloween Gems

Halloween gems is the scary version of the ever so popular gems game.  To remove the gems, you must create lines of three or more of the same style gem.  Use your mouse to click a gem and it will swap with the adjacent gem.  Get as many matches as you can before time runs out.  Can you solve the puzzle?

Halloween Panic V1 Halloween Panic
Halloween Panic is a game where you save children from evil monsters while stealing their candy! Shoot monsters to keep them off of kids, but choose your timing wisely so as to get the most candy!
Use your mouse to point and click on monsters.
Halloween Pop Halloween Pop
Halloween Pop has you bouncing candy corn off of ghosts and other Halloween items, all while you try to juggle and control four bats...literally. Another "Silly Little Flash Game" from nonsoft.net
Bounce the candy corn off of the Halloween objects for a high score. Mouse selects difficulty level, arrow keys control the paddles, and the space bar pauses and un-pauses the game.
Halloween Pump Hunt Halloween Pump Hunt
It's Halloween and the Pumpkins have gone wild! As a Pumpkin Hunter it's your duty to defend the party!
Use the mouse to play, click to shoot.
Halloween Pumpkin Launch Halloween Pumpkin Launch
Shoot the pumpkin with your cannon as far as possible. Earn money and unlock achievements, buy upgrades for your cannon and pumpkin and buy new skills.
Click and keep the mouse down to shoot and set the cannon power. When Magic Wand upgrade unlocked click the mouse to shoot the pumpkin. Press spacebar to use the magic propulsion after it is unlocked from the upgrades screen.
Halloween Pumpkin Launch 2 Halloween Pumpkin Launch 2
It's Halloween time again. You have to launch the mighty pumpkin to destroy in your way as many Halloween characters as possible.
Use the mouse to launch the pumpkin. Buy upgrades from the upgrade screen and Click the pumpkin to use the magic wand and Space to activate the magic star propulsion.
Pumpkins V69617 Halloween Pumpkins

You must destroy the pumpkins by placing them next to each other.  You will lose the game if the pumpkins make their way to the edges of the game play area.  Don't let that happen.

Halloween Runner Halloween Runner
Welcome by Halloween runner! Stay alive and avoid the dangerous Halloween objects.
Use left and Right arrow keys to move
Halloween Shooter Night Halloween Shooter Night
dominate the Halloween night as you shoot all monsters down
Halloween Shooting Halloween Shooting
Halloween is an annual holiday. Evil forces trying to take over the world. Try to free the world from the invasion of witches, ghosts, and menacing pumpkin lanterns.
Halloween Streaker Halloween Streaker
We present you, Zombie Streaker, Halloween Edition! This time your task is to survive as long as you can against the hordes of nasty zombies...in the nude.
W - Up A - Left S - Down D - Right Mouse - Aim Left mouse button - Shoot
Halloween Sugar Keeper Halloween Sugar Chaser
Help the costumed kid collect as many candies as possible without getting caught by the graveyard's ghosts!
Halloweenclix HalloweenClix
Halloween themed arcade action match 3 game.
Click on the matching Halloween items to remove them from the playfield. Don't let the stack reach the top!
Halloween Ride Ph halloween_ride_ph

To play Halloween Ride PH, you must collect all of the potions in order to gain more points, but beware of the monsters and bloods on the road.  A halloween game suited for everyone.  Enjoy!

Hallowheels Hallowheels
Drive your Hallowheels through hell and back and celebrate Halloween in your super car!
Haunted Crypt Escape 1 The Beginning Haunted Crypt Escape 1 -...
While you were looking for the lost treasure, you were trapped in this maze, you need to get out of here, and search for the tomb of Alfonso XII.
Click objects to interact with them. The cursor changes to a hand when you move the mouse over any clickeable object. To move between scenes just click on the edges of the screen.
Haunted Crypt Escape 2 Haunted Crypt Escape 2

After making your daring escape from the first haunted crypt you thought you were home free only to find out that you've become lost in an even more horrific crypt.  In this crypt sometimes the walls are not even walls.  

Use your mouse to look around.  When your cursor turns into a hand, you can click your mouse in order to interact with the objects.  If you need to move into another scene, just click the edge of the screen to move.  Will you escape the haunted crypt alive?

Haunted Crypt Escape 3 Haunted Crypt Escape 3
After passing the walls, you find yourself in a spooky place, and an image of a red skull is disturbing your mine. Find your way out of there...
Click objects to interact with them. The cursor changes to a hand when you move the mouse over any clickeable object. To move between scenes just click on the edges of the screen.
Haunted Crypt Escape 4 Haunted Crypt Escape 4
You sence your goal very near, but you get stuck in another weird room, full of Dark tunnels. Get out of there, the air doesn´t smell that good.
Click objects to interact with them. The cursor changes to a hand when you move the mouse over any clickeable object. To move between scenes just click on the edges of the screen.
Haunted Crypt Escape 5 Haunted Crypt Escape 5

Another haunted house escape game.  Use your mouse to hover over objects until you see the cursor change into a hand and then click to interact with them.  If you need to move between rooms, click the edge of the screen in order to move.  Will you find the secret and escape from the haunted crypt?

Haunted House Haunted House Shoot

Play Haunted House Shooter.  A simple game with a halloween theme.  Shoot all the monsters, but be sure to not shoot the innocent trick or treaters.  To get bonus time, shoot the spiders.  Play by using the mouse and use the left click to shoot.  Enjoy and happy halloween.

Hell Hall Hell Hall
It's going to get you... it's just a matter of time. The undead are after you, and the only way to delay your inevitable demise is to run down the Hell Hall!
Run down the hallway avoiding the obstacles. Hit an obstacle and you'll fall back. Fall three times and it'll get you.
Helloweenie Helloweenie

Watch out of the Hell-o-Weenies.  Straight from hell these weenies are invading.  Shoot them all in order to survive in this fun halloween game.

Zombie Game V881372 Hunted

In this action packed zombie survival game you must kill all the attacking zombies that have surrounded you looking to eat your flesh.  Hunt them all down.

Jack O Lantern Rampage Jack-O-Lantern Rampage
Rogue Jack O Lanterns are rampaging through the pumpkin patch. You must stop them before they ruin Halloween for everyone! Collect 10 keys to advance to the next level. You must save Halloween before it is too late! Hurry!
Jacko In Hell Jacko in Hell
Jacko needs to find the final element that will wake the spirit of Halloween. A dark and addicting adventure game.
Midnight Massacre V1 Midnight Massacre

Watch out for scary ghouls, mummies and zombies.  Shoot them to survive.

Monster Buster Monster Buster
Defeat all kinds of classic Halloween monsters like Frankenstein, Wolfman, The Grim Reaper, Frog Man, and many more! This is a fantastic Halloween themed game for 2011. Get your trick or treat on! Build your own games like this on Pulado.com! Make Your Own Games.
Monster Town Monster Town
Monster Town is a strategic action game where the player needs a good building planning in order to create the best tactics against a large variety of monsters like Frankenstein, vampires and zombies!
Use your mouse or numbers for shortcuts.
Numbscape Halloween Escape V1 Numbscape Halloween Escape

Use the mouse to move around and to interact with riddles and objects.  To escape the room you must find the 10 colored papers to unlock the door and solve the riddles.  Can you escape the halloween room?

Pumpkids Halloween V1 Pumpkids Halloween
Pumpkids Halloween is an action game, where you have to score points by collecting the delicious Halloween candy. With very halloween'y graphics and sound, Pumpkids Halloween gets you in that halloween mood.
Pumpkid follows your mouse around. Click the left mouse button to make him fly, as long as he has energy for it.
Pumpkin Defense V1 Pumpkin Defense

Defend your pumpkins and escort them through space in this fun flash game.

Pumpkin Invasion V1 Pumpkin Invasion

To play Pumpkin Invasion, use the arrow keys or 'a' and 'd' to move.  Shoot your enemies with the space, 'w', up button or enter.  

You must use your spaceship in order to shoot all of the pumpkins, skulls and bats that are invading from another dimension.  To upgrade your ships weapons and shields you must collect the power ups.  To increase your score be sure and collect the candy.  

Pumpkin Invasion has 2 game modes.  The easy arcade mode, you must defeat 5 bosses so you can save the universe.  In survival mode, you will only get 1 life.  How high can you score before you are blown away,  Pumpkin Invasion also has tons of trophy's and achievements.  Enjoy.

Pumpkin Toss Pumpkin Toss

Pumpkin Toss is a quick paced game that lets you test your aim.  The objective is to throw as many pumpkins as possible into the moving holes and you must do so before time runs out.  Bonus holes will increase your points even more.

To play use the mouse.

Pumpkinharvest PumpkinHarvest

Pumpkin Harvest is a simple toss and catch physics game.  To play you must make sure the big or small pumpkins get loaded into the truck so they can be sent out for delivery using the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard to guide your crew.  How many rounds can you play?

Quest For Bones Quest For Bones
A friend needs your help. He has lost all his bones and only you can gather them for him. Gather them up as fast as you can but watch out for the bulldogs that do not want to give them up.
Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to Move
Run Skel Run Run Skel Run

It's a full moon and you must help the skeleton escape from the hungry dog trying to get a bone.  To play use your mouse to move, click to jump and be sure to collect as many diamonds along the way as you can.


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